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Dudao A140EU PD 140W fast charger USB*1 Type-C*3

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Dudao A140EU wall charger with 1x USB-A and 3x USB-C connectors with a power of up to 140W (PD compatible) - white

The Dudao A140EU wall charger will allow you to charge your devices quickly and effectively. Thanks to advanced GaN technology and a maximum power of 140W, it is able to quickly charge a variety of devices, including MacBooks and other laptops. It has four ports - USB-A and three USB-C, which allows you to charge four devices simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency and saving time. PD Fast Charging ensures your devices are ready to use in the blink of an eye.

The most important advantages of the Dudao A140EU wall charger:

  • Provides fast charging. PD (Power Delivery) technology allows you to instantly charge devices compatible with this function.
  • Guarantees compatibility with many devices. Thanks to four ports - USB-A and 3xUSB-C - the charger simultaneously supports various types of devices: from phones to laptops.
  • It offers safety of use. Advanced GaN technology not only increases charging efficiency, but also provides better heat regulation.
  • Allows you to charge up to four devices at once. You no longer have to choose which device to charge first - the Dudao A140EU charger will do it for you, charging all of them at the same time.
  • Maximizes the operating time of devices. The power of 140W allows you to quickly restore energy to even the most demanding devices, which is perfect for people who are always on the move.

Fast charging thanks to PD technology

The Dudao A140EU charger uses Power Delivery technology to ensure fast charging of compatible devices. Charging speed is crucial, especially in situations where you need to quickly restore functionality to your device. The charger will adjust the power supplied to the needs of a specific device, which ensures not only speed, but also optimization of energy consumption.

Compatibility with various devices

One of the biggest advantages of the Dudao A140EU charger is its versatility. You can charge various devices at the same time: from smartphones, through tablets, to laptops such as MacBook. This is all thanks to the use of USB-A ports and three USB-C ports. This compatibility makes it an ideal solution for homes and offices.

Security thanks to GaN technology

Modern GaN technology used in the Dudao A140EU charger is a guarantee of safety. This technology is better at distributing heat, which minimizes the risk of overheating and extends the life of both the charger and the charged devices.

Charge multiple devices at once

Thanks to the presence of four ports, the Dudao A140EU wall charger allows you to charge four devices simultaneously. It not only saves time, but also space - instead of using many chargers, just one will take care of all your charging needs.

Maximum power for maximum efficiency

The 140W power in the Dudao A140EU charger is the key to quickly restoring energy to even the most demanding devices.

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Dudao A140EU PD 140W fast charger USB*1 Type-C*3
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